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        5 Tips for Sell your HOME without an Agent

        Posted by Lily Brooks on

        Putting your house up for sale can be a draining experience even when you have professionals to help you guide through the process. It's near impossible when you're doing it yourself. But there are ways to overcome this challenge. Below are a couple of tips to sell your house without a realtor.

        1. Prepare your home

        If you ask any real estate agent how they prepare a home for showing, the first thing they'll say is to make sure it doesn't have any personal items of the previous owner. This is because they want any prospective buyers to easily imagine themselves living in the house. Do the same thing for your home as well. Remove pictures or any other personal items and hide them away in a locked cupboard or storeroom. Make sure you buy things in its proper place, maybe use fresh linens for throw pillows. You can draw inspiration from showrooms at home furnishing and accessory stores.

        1. Upgrade and repair

        If you want to sell your home fast, then ready yourself to do a little bit more than sprucing up the place. Inspect your home and see if there is anything that needs repair - a leaky pipe, a broken switch, or a scratch on the wall. You can also replace some components to make the property more attractive to buyers such as hardware, smoke detectors, and light fixtures. These are things that won't cost a lot of money but makes a huge difference.

        1. Share on social media

        Now that social media has become so big, a lot of agents now post listings that get more attention than traditional advertisements. Homeowners who want to sell their house use social media as a cost-effective advertisement. Make sure you include as many descriptions on your property as you can and include pictures. And if you post on social media, it's easier for prospective buyers to reach out to you and maybe arrange a showing.

        1. Contact home investors

        Most homeowners who don't have the patience or time to wait to get their house off the market reach out to home investor companies. They generally offer cash for homes and they're quick with the transaction. The moment you contact them, they send out an inspector who will assess the home's condition and its location and offer a fair price. They mainly cater to people who need to let go of their property quickly for any number of reasons like those who need to move out of state or in the middle of a divorce and need to liquidate their shared assets.

        1. Get a photographer

        If you look through social media platforms on all real estate listings, you will see a lot of showings done on handheld cameras or even using a smartphone. This could work if you are on a tight budget but not a lot of people will be enticed to reach out on the property or even be curious enough to find more information about it. A professional photographer will be able to make any space appealing to prospective buyers and you could offset the cost by using the photos on other marketing channels.

        AUTHOR BIO:

        Lily Brooks is a blogger and informative content writer who loves to write about home improvement, real estate, and more. She is currently working with SuperCashForHouses, the leading home buying company which offers the best deals for Cash for Houses Dallas

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